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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every child has the right to feel safe at home. To help support children and families dealing with abuse, check out the suggestions below or submit a custom request for our help with an idea of your own. Even one kid can make a big difference in someone's life!


Start a Wish List Drive

Start an online wish list drive for one of our partnered charities that helps kids and families dealing with abuse, including JBWS, Deirdre's House, and St. Peter's Orphanage.


Hold a Bake Sale

Host a bake sale to raise money to donate to organizations such as Cookies for Cancer, National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, or the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (more charities).


Do a Walkathon

Participate in virtual walkathons such as the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Virtual Walk, Valerie Fund 5K Walk/Run, and #erasekidcancer Walkathon.


Shave Your Head


Organize or participate in a head-shaving fundraiser to support St. Baldrick's Foundation, which funds childhood cancer research.


Help Other Kids Helping Kids ...

Support other pediatric cancer efforts started by kids such as Kinsley's Cookie Cart and Alex's Lemonade Stand.

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