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If Student Wish List Project created and maintains your charity's wish list, you can contact us at any time to request changes. Amazon also recently added a feature that allows collaborative editing of a wish list, which is available to our partnered charities upon request.

Yes, if a student starts a wish list drive benefiting your charity, you will receive notification once the student's wish list drive page has been created. Please note that there may be a delay between the time of wish list drive creation and when the student chooses to share the donation drive with friends and family.

To check on the status of a wish list drive, you can click on the link for the wish list drive webpage, which will reflect purchased donations. You can also request to be notified each time a purchase has been made.

If you would like to share the wish list drive to your organization's social media account, we would first need to obtain permission from the student or the student's family. Please send us a request and we will be in touch.

Shipping addresses for wish list donations include "ATTN: SWLP" so that the receiving organization knows the donations are from a Student Wish List Project wish list drive.

Donors are requested to include a gift receipt with their name and address only if they would like to receive a receipt for their donation. If there is no contact information but you would still like to send a thank you note, there is a "Send a Thank You Note" URL included on the Amazon gift receipt. We will not pass along a donor's information without their explicit consent.

Partnered charities may not add donors to their mailing list. Should a donor request to be added to a partnered charity's mailing list, we will refer the donor directly to the charity to process the request.

We are always looking for nonprofit organizations to partner with. Feel free to nominate a charity and let us know about a worthy organization with in-kind donation needs.

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