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If you would like to contribute to the NA Reads library for the students at 13th Avenue School, the first step is to select a book from the NA Reads collection. Browse the book titles, then submit a book selection form with your choice.

Depending on the preference you indicated on your form, you will then receive a link to your e-book or information regarding when and how you will receive your hard-copy book (do not buy the book yourself!). Once you have your book, you can read the book by yourself or with other NA students and/or family. Feel free to get creative and use apps like iMovie, WeVideo, and even Zoom!


Once the video is complete, you can email it to or upload it to your own Google Drive, then share the file with NewarkAcademyReads@gmail.comWe will email you if we have any problems and let you know when your video has been approved and posted to the NA Reads library. Thank you so much for helping us provide educational entertainment for the students of 13th Avenue School!

  • Be friendly but only use your first name -- don't give your full name or any other identifying information.

  • Film the video in landscape (horizontal) mode because it looks better when playing on a device or computer.

  • If you're reading a physical book in the video, make sure you have enough light and quiet. Turn the book towards the camera as often as possible so that the viewer can see the pictures and follow along.

  • If you're using Zoom, consider sharing your screen so the words and illustrations can be seen, and record on speaker view so that whoever is performing will be seen.

  • Feel free to get creative with the video!

The higher the resolution the better, as we can always take down the resolution if the file is too large, but cannot increase resolution if the video quality is poor. Default resolution for videos on most newer iPhones is 1080p HD at 30 fps, which is great. Resolution for Zoom recordings can vary depending on bandwidth at the time of the recording. To maximize chances for high resolution, have all participants enable group HD in their settings. 

Once your video has been approved and posted, you will receive an email notification from NA Reads.


No, you do not need to buy the book yourself. Upon submission of your book selection form, NA Reads will purchase the e-book or hard-copy book depending on the preference you indicate on the form. You will either be sent the link to the e-book or an email with information regarding when and how you will receive your hard-copy book.


If your file is too large to email, you can upload the file from your computer to your own Google Drive account. In Google Drive, click on the +New button on the upper left, and select File Upload. Select the file, and click Open. Right-click on the file, enter and click Done. Problems? Send us a message


Yes! You can submit as many videos as you like -- you just need to submit a separate selection form for each book. 

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