If you would like to add our Story Time with SWLP library, you can create a video of yourself reading a children’s book (cell phone video is just fine) and email it to info@studentwishlistproject.org. Feel free to get creative and use apps like iMovie and WeVideo to have fun with your video!


You will need to include a photo or PDF of the media consent/release form that has been signed by your parent or guardian so we know we have permission to use your video. We will email you if we have any problems and let you know when your video is online. Thank you so much for helping us provide educational entertainment to kids in need, especially now!

Your best bet is to select books for kids about 2-6 years old. Classics (like Good Night Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, books by Dr. Seuss, etc.) and stories with well known characters (like Curious George, Dora the Explorer, superheroes, etc.) are great choices but you can read anything you and your parent think a younger child might enjoy. Feel free to share the books that were your favorite when you were little!

Please be friendly but only use your first name -- never give your name or any other identifying information like your school or where you live. Make sure you have enough light and quiet. Film the video in landscape (horizontal) mode because it looks better when playing on a device or computer. Turn the book towards the camera as often as possible so that the viewer can see the pictures and follow along. Feel free to get creative with the video! Most are of students reading the book but others have put their tech skills to good use and put together fun videos using software like iMovie and WeVideo.

Default resolution for videos on most newer iPhones is 1080p HD at 30 fps, which is great. We can always take down the resolution if the file is too big but cannot increase it if the video quality is poor.

Most email servers limit email size to 20-25 MB. If your video file(s) are too large to email, you can share them with us through Dropbox. To use Dropbox, upload the file to your Dropbox account, then press … (mobile app) or hover over the file name or … (computer) and select SHARE. Enter info@studentwishlistproject.org to share the file with us.

Yes, you need permission from a parent or guardian to submit a video. All submissions must include a photo or PDF of the signed media consent/release form so we know we have their permission to use your video.

Story Time with SWLP is stored on an unlisted "made for kids" YouTube channel. There are no targeted ads, no tracking, no comments, no links, etc. Your video can be accessed through the publicly available Story Time page on the Student Wish List Project website but is not publicly listed or searchable on YouTube. However, once someone has accessed your video, the YouTube SHARE function can be used to share the link, although the video cannot be downloaded or saved.


Learn more about YouTube's “made for kids” content. Note that this is separate from the YouTube Kids app.

Once your video has been posted, you will receive a notification from Student Wish List Project. You may want to add info@studentwishlistproject.org to your email contacts or list of safe senders, or check your junk mail folder if you don’t hear from us within a week.


To share your posted video with friends, you can either send them the link to the Story Time page on the Student Wish List Project website, or use the SHARE function for your video on YouTube.


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