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Student Wish List Project helps you raise donations online for wish list items needed by your selected charity. Detailed instructions are below. If you have any problems or questions, you can check out our wish list drive FAQs, send us an email, or call us at 973.520.8252.


You pick a charity.

To begin, check out our charities, select one to support, then click on the Start a Wish List Drive button on the charity's page. The Start a Wish List Drive form will allow you to customize your page and the items you want on your wish list donation drive.


We create your page.

Once you pick the items, we will create a unique page for your donation drive (see sample). You will also receive a fancy email that you can forward to friends and family to ask for donations.


You ask for donations.

You can post a link to your page on social media and forward the fancy email to your friends and family to ask them to please make donations off your wish list. They can buy the items on Amazon and have them shipped directly to the charity (or to you if you want to collect and deliver the donations yourself). We will keep an eye on the wish lists to ensure there are always enough choices available.


We track donations.

You can also keep track of donations simply by checking your page. You can also opt to be notified each time a Let Me Know form has been submitted indicating that a donation has been made off your wish list. At the end of the donation drive, you will receive a summary of all of the donations you helped to generate for your selected charity.


You can apply to volunteer.

You can now apply to volunteer with us or our partnered charities. Our database of volunteer opportunities includes those within the community at large as well as others that are exclusive to Student Wish List Project.

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