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Madison High School students are supporting Ukraine by gathering medical aid and survival gear for Ukraine. On the Day of Service, students will assemble Pocket First Aid packs and organize and pack additional survival items, which will all be shipped to Ukraine via the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ.

In Ukraine, the Pocket First Aid Kits will go to those who are administering emergency care to individuals who are bleeding. The kit was designed by Dr. Dan Olesnicky, a Ukrainian Scout and Tactical Emergency Physician, whose team has been studying the ideal lightweight medical kit for over 20 years. The kits are designed to be small, lightweight, and usable by anyone. 

PS --- If you make a donation, please let us know. Thanks!



10 requested


Mixed nuts, 36-pack

5 requested, 2 received


Peanut butter sandwich crackers, 24-pack

5 requested, 2 received


Cheese sandwich crackers, 12-pack

5 requested, 3 received


Clif bars, 16-count

5 requested, 1 received


Breakfast bars, 32-pack

5 requested, 2 received


Cereal cups, 24-pack

5 requested


Candy, 30-pack

5 requested


Cookies, 12-pack

5 requested


Slim Jims, 120-count

5 requested, 2 received


Fruit snacks, 60-pack

5 requested, 1 received


Peanut butter, 12-pack

5 requested, 6 received


Jelly, 12-pack

5 requested


Ramen noodles, 24-count

5 requested, 1 received


Macaroni and cheese cups, 12-count

5 requested


Ravioli cups, 12-count

5 requested, 4 received


Canned soup, 12-count

5 requested



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