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Check out details about how it works.


Your wish list drive page is private! The only people who can see your wish list drive page are those you've given the unique web address to. We create a customized page for each student's wish list drive and each one has a private web address. Learn more about our privacy policy.


To share your wish list drive with others, you have a few options. You can:

  • Forward the email we send you to your family and friends.

  • Copy the unique web address for your wish list drive page (from the email we send you), then paste it into an email to send to family and friends.

  • Share the web address for your wish list drive page via text or social media.

We have found the most effective way to raise donations is a combination of direct email and posting the wish list drive page to social media.


Once you share your wish list drive page with your friends and family, they can use the CLICK TO BUY button on your page, which will take them to the item on your personalized Amazon wish list drive for your charity. They can purchase the item on Amazon and in most cases have the item(s) shipped directly to the charity by selecting the gift registry address during the checkout process. Check out detailed instructions here or see our Donation FAQs for more information.


All of Student Wish List Project's partnered charities have 501(c)(3) status, which means that donation of goods to these organizations is tax-exempt. Donors need to include a gift receipt with their name and address if they would like to receive a receipt for their donation from the charitable organization.


Most donations can be shipped directly to the charitable organization. Other items, such as non-Amazon gift cards or groceries, can be shipped to or dropped off with Student Wish List Project, and we will arrange for delivery. for local charities, you have the option of having the items shipped directly to you so that you can deliver the donations to the charity yourself.


To check on how your wish list drive is going, visit your wish list drive webpage. Although the page may not be updated in real time, purchased donations will be reflected here and marked as FULFILLED. Don't forget to thank people for donating!


We've found the absolute best way to generate donations is by email. Friends and family who are contacted directly by the student or student's family are far more likely to donate compared to a more general audience reached by social media, especially if the student has customized their webpage with a photo of him/herself. That being said, social media is also a great tool to reach more people and raise awareness -- and almost always results in at least a few additional donations.

Once you've emailed your page, it is a good idea to follow up with another email a couple of weeks later. Life is busy and even the most well-intentioned people forget sometimes! You can also reach out individually to people to ask if they got the email and if they’d consider even a small donation. People are usually very responsive when the student reaches out directly.


You can also post your drive on social media -- either on your (or your parent's) personal page or on your town's Facebook group page (if permitted). You can repost on your personal page a couple of weeks later thanking people for donations and saying there’s still time to make a donation.


Yes, we can help your sports team, club, or scout troop hold a wish list drive for one of our partnered charities or a 501(c)(3) charity of your choice. Donations can be shipped to your group for collection or directly to the receiving charity. Our sample group wish list drive shows how donations can even be designated as in support of specific students. Just fill in our group giving form or send us a message for more information.


Yes, you can conduct as many wish list drives as you like! You can conduct them in honor of a birthday, a race, a holiday, in honor of someone or their memory ... or for no reason at all! The needs of local charities and children's hospitals are year-round so help is always welcome. Thank you for thinking of those in need. We are so proud of our volunteers!

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